If you like ApE, let people know what you like about it.

  • ApE is small, easy to install and use application full of features you need. And the most importantly is cross-platform and free! I rate 5*.
  • Puts commercial software to shame by its virtue of being made by a researcher for researchers.
  • Everything that DNA Strider should have been! And opens DNA Strider files too!
  • In a few updates it will be the best software available for sequence/plasmid editing and it's already one of the best, far better than most of the commercial ones. And if you are still using Word or other text editors to highlight/organize/edit your favorite sequences, go for it and enjoy the transition from Stone-age to 21st century...
  • The hyperlinking feature is fantastic - you can zip from alignments to the sequence directly, from a restriction site in a map to the actual sequence, brilliant - why didn't anyone think of this before ?
  • The feature library is a godsend - I use it to indicate a library of sequencing primers then whenever I have a new vector I simply annotate it with my features and I instantly know what primers I can sequence it with. Also useful for marking up antibiotic resistance genes, expression tags etc etc
  • I recommend it to everyone I send a plasmid to
  • I recommend this to every new trainee starting molecular cloning work at UBC. It was recently the subject of a UBC Botany Techinar.
  • It's hard to convert people from a DNA editor to something new. But after a few demonstrations of what ApE can do, all of my colleagues are now avid ApE users. ApE is a perfect exemple of keeping the interface simple and, at the same, time allow complex interactions with sequences. Thank you.
  • 5 stars is not enough! This is simply the best DNA editing tool, hands down... undebatable... categorically... and it's free!
  • I just discovered this program. It is free, cross-platform, and easy to use. I encourage everyone to start requesting a small amount of "software" money in their grants to donate towards maintaining this program!